Life after accident



Frida draw the story about the accident.


Ms. Frida Kahlo’s life turns upside down after the accident.  She passed several months in convalescence.  Is here were she took painting more serious.  Kahlo creates her first serious painting in less than a month.

This paint has one big purpose.  To get Alejandro back after he left her some time before the accident.



This became Frida’s first serious painting.  She called it “Autorretrato de terciopelo”


From this moment on she will continuously be painting self-portraits.


During the time when Kahlo was in bed immobilized, her mother commanded to do a special easel that let Frida paint from her position.  It’s his father who gave her the old brushes and paintings.


By 1928 her relation with Alejandro was over.  It’s by this time when she finally meets Diego Rivera, who will soon be her eternal love. Diego encourage the young Kahlo to continue with the artistic career.  Suddenly he started flirting with her.




Here begins a new era in Frida’s life.  With Diego’s flirting and she accepting it, the complicated life she knew was about to get even worst. 




Want to know more about Frida and Diego?  Keep in touch!  Tomorrow you’ll find out what happened between this lovely couple.




Early Frida

Get to know more about Magdalena Carmen!

Her forename was Magdalena Carmen Frida Kahlo y Calderon.  She was born on July 6, 1907 in the “Blue House” in Coyoacan, Mexico.  Frida was the third child of Guillermo Kahlo and Matilde Calderon y Gonzalez marriage.  Frida once say even though she grew up surrounded by females, she remained close to her father.

11 Frida

11 years old Frida Kahlo

In 1910 the Mexican Revolution began.  By that time Kahlo was only three years old.  When she got older she claimed herself of being born in 1910 so people associate her with the revolution.

At the age of six Frida contracted poliomyelitis and she also suffered of spina bifida.  These diseases left her right leg thinner than the left.  But none of this stops this young girl.  As a child she participated in boxing and other sports.

paint 1

The Broken Column

by Frida Kahlo

In 1922, at 18 years old Kahlo was enrolled in one of the Mexico’s premiere school, where she was one of only thirty-five girls.  She started a pre-medic program here.  By this time Frida didn’t plan to have an artistic carrier.

Also the Mexican Muralist art began in the country.  This is the first time Frida hears about Diego Rivera, who painted a mural in her school.

diego mural

Diego Rivera

Kahlo became a member of “Las Cachuchas”, a politic group who supported socialists-nationalists dedicated to literature, there she meet Alejandro Gomez Arias, who later become Frida’s boyfriend.


In 1923 Alejandro and Frida are officially together

Back then Kahlo starts to help her father in his photo studio.  He teaches her how to use, disclose, retouch and enhance a photo.

In 1925 Fernando Fernandez, her father’s friend, contract her to be her apprentice.  There Fernando teaches Frida how to draw and copy paintings from other artists.

September 17, 1925 a day that will change Frida’s life forever.  Frida and Alejandro get on a bus from school.  Later on a trolley crashes with the bus, there she suffered multiple seriousness injuries:

  • Broken pelvis
  • Spinal fractures

Frida-Ex voto

Letter from Frida’s parents after her accident

There doctors told her, she would never be able to get pregnant.  Because of these she invented an imaginary child and even created a birth certificate for her child, Leonardo.

frida kahlo

This set a new begging in Frida’s artistic development

It’s Frida Kahlo’s Time!



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